Positive Intelligence

I saw the announcement of a webinar at Standford University on Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine, and was curious about it.  With such an attractive title, what could it be about?  You can check the whole presentation on YouTube, he is announcib his new book, but the idea behind Positive Intelligence is to move yourself from basic negative emotional reactions to more ‘intelligent’ ones, making thus use of your prefrontal cortex.  The main slide is this one:

To maximise your potential and get more happiness on what your are accomplishing, it is a good advise to get distance of the negative emotions, and overcome them.

He points out 10 ‘saboteurs’, basic behaviours that we may have on our survivor mode brain and that work against us when basic survival is not at stake. They don’t allow us to see new opportunities, the bigger picture, to be creative:


The other way to improve ‘the sage’ mind is by improving what he calls the Positive Intelligence Powers like empathie, creativity, activity, curiosity.

His third strategy that he suggests us to do, is to improve the connection to our Positive Intelligence.  This, by reflecting on our basic sensations and feelings.  These exercises will  help us to take our distance on our basic emotions.

So let’s go for some brain exercices!


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