Crowdsourcing is a flourishing market

CrowdFlower Reports Revenue of 300% Year Over Year and More Than 300 Million Enterprise Level Crowdsourced Microtasks Completed, Earning #1 Rank in Industry

CrowdFlower is a microtasking crowdsourcing enterprise.  The company solves information-based problems like product categorization, SEO content creation, web verifications, etc… by splitting the task into small pieces (micro-tasks), and giving them to their workers ( their on-demand contributors world-wide).  They take care of quality issues, and aggregate the results to answer their client’s request.    They have completed 300 million tasks for their customer companies  including eBay, Microsoft, and Twitter.   The Daily Crowdsource has recently published the CrowdCensus report, rating them #1 among industry leaders in micro-tasking.

– In 2011, millions of tasks were performed for virtual goods in Facebook games, with CrowdFlower contributors performing real work (such as sentiment analysis and categorization) for virtual goods or other rewards.

– CrowdFlower has a workforce of more than 2 million individual contributors producing approximately 4 man-years of work daily. In other words, it would take one person four years of work to complete what CrowdFlower’s virtual workforce does in a single day.

[…]  A variety of factors contribute to their success. “Their platform sits on a robust system that does not ignore security, quality, or scalability,” said the Daily Crowdsource report. “CrowdFlower balances the combination of cost and quality through the use of Gold Standard Data, redundancy, and peer review.” [said Woody Hobbs, the CEO from Crowdflower]

CrowdFlower is not an isolated case, the microtasking industry has done great for the last years, and is in great expansion world-wide.


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