As active IT Consultant since the PC revolution, I am acutely aware of the impact of IT on our society, both on social and economical levels. Nowadays, Internet connectivity and the vast amount of data produced every day allow us, through machine learning and data mining techniques, to pull on resources at the tip of our fingers, to access people and information from Internet as never before.

You will find here a selection of interesting articles that caught my attention, along with my thoughts about issue in machine learning, data science, data privacy as well as social and economical changes Internet allow us or forces upon us.  Strong believer of the force of interconnection, I advocate for Professional Women International (PWI) and the Global Brain Institute (GBI), check also their sites!

My elevator’s résumé:

Owner of Waterloo Hills since 2008, I am currently helping companies to thrive managing IT projects in a highly connected, culturally diverse and very dynamic society.  I particularly enjoy making the new technological data-driven strategies  and internet business models accessible providing seminars and blogging about it, showing how it can leverage business and life.

Born in Argentina, I have a master’s degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.  I co-founded the Machine Learning research group at the University of Buenos Aires while working for UNDP, World Bank and other organisations to help economic development through IT.  In Belgium I have held different leading positions as IT consultant for the EU, GE-Capital, RMB, Bull and the SNCB.

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