Is Deleted ‘removed from your sight’? Or ‘removed from every support’?

Max Schrems is a law student from Vienna.  He is filing Facebook for data privacy issues.  What he discovered is that not only Facebook keeps everything you typed in or uploaded to your account (they have about 1200 A4 pages of information about him, and he is only 24 years old!),  but also they keep deleted information.  In his case, he found messages he had deleted, with the added note: ‘Deleted: Yes’.

Facebook has since 2009 a second headquarter in Ireland, and any new european user has its contract with that Irish Facebook company.  So they are subject to the European laws, which are much more strict regarding data privacy than in the US.    He filed complaints against Facebook and sent them to the Irish data protection authority, who is analysing them.  Facebook answer to Max’s ‘Deleted’ message issue that they removed it from a certain part of the site…If the information is not public anymore, but kept on their servers, is that enough?

For the whole story, check this video.

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