A view into the Data Protection landscape

In last week’s PWI lunch, Monika Kuschewsky explained to us the ever-changing data protection landscape. She’s a partner at Van Bael & Bellis, where she heads the firm’s European data protection law practice.

Data protection has been reinforced with the Treaty of Lisbonne, now there is an obligation to inform any data loss or bridges in security that may give access to personal data. There are more important and bigger sanctions, and there is a movement to harmonize the level of protection across EU.  One very practical question she has been asked was what could be done when you are being spammed.  If you can identify the company that gave your e-mail, write to them saying: ’I object the use of my data this way..’.  If you don’t know the source, just denounce it to the DPA (Data Protection Authority).

For our German colleagues, she said, there is a law already 2 year’s old that protects the privacy of their personal life from work, because employers cannot look into social network data, at least not officially, so cannot fire you because of last party’s exaggeration…

Watch the Big Brother Pizza Shop video she mentioned us to have a feeling of our future (let’s hope not!).

Thanks Monika for creating awareness on data protection issues!

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