Join me for the 21st. Anniversary of PWI-Professional Women International

Everything is (almost) ready for the 18th of October, for the 21st. anniversary of PWI (Professional Women International) in Brussels.  I’m in the Board of this networking association since May, and I’m enjoying participating on this event organization, though it’s more work than I though!  It takes time to put us (professional women)  together, just think of finding an empty spot on 10 agendas of very dynamic ladies for a meeting!  And then, when we are together, we have to concentrate on the issues at hand, and forget about talking or “networking” for a while :-))  But we are all volunteers very committed to empowering professional women, so don’t worry and be sure we will be ready for the date!

So this 18th of October, come and celebrate with us, sharing a glass of champagne after hearing wonderful speakers of top executives of the international business world and diplomats of the European Union supporting ‘Gender Balance in the Talent Pipeline’.

To register, go to the page

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Corina Ciechanow

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