Design Thinking at PWN Global

Last month was the annual off-site meeting from PWN Global (Professional Women International where I’m a Board member is the Brussels chapter of this federation of networks).  Almost all the citi-networks were represented plus the Board of the federation and we had even the presence of corporate sponsors.
The main objective was to shape the lines for the future:  where do we want to go and what do we expect from the federation?

And in order to do that, Marijo Bos, our president, prepared us a session of ‘design thinking’, a game-based approach to brainstorming:

At the first step of the process we had to follow the rules to come up with as many ideas of our future as we could, to expand the universe of possibilities.  On the second step we exchange all our thoughts, and then the third step was to reduce that universe in order to keep only the shared vision, the most mentioned action proposals.

After 2 days of intensive work, we ended up with agreed objectives and a subset of well-defined actionable points.
PWN Global- Nice 20140619
We did a good job while enjoying the time together!

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