77 Million of Stolen Passwords and more.

I am sure you heard already, even if you don’t have a PSP.  We can read in The Economist that:

Sony revealed that names, addresses, passwords and possibly credit-card details of 77m accounts were stolen when hackers gained access to the network it runs in 60 countries for its PlayStation online-gaming system, as well as for Qriocity, a service offering music, films and television shows.

77 million is actually more than the whole population of my country (Belgium 🙂 but also of many others!

As they say later in the article, “countless individuals and companies have come to find that the benefits of doing things online greatly outweigh the risks.”  The benefits of doing things online are undeniable.  But I hope catastrophes like this will shake companies and citizen’s  organisations, creating a wave of awareness of data loss risks.

Benefits outweight the risks, but that doesn’t mean there are no risks.  Things can (and I don’t want to say will) go wrong: data can be lost in a blink, as it happened to T-mobile a while ago, and to Amazon’s cloud customers last week.  An also data can get loose in the wild, in good or bad hands.

So let’s not do the ostrich and bury our head in the sand, risk has to be assessed and managed before it happens.

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