Augmented Reality: Just ask what you’d like!

It began with GPS with  maps, interest points…  Now we have smartphones with satellite images and many layers that can be added.  What would YOU like to have as augmented reality in your daily life? And on holiday, when traveling?

Autonomy CEO explains how the future of computing stems from the 18th century…

Today, augmented reality apps run on smartphones, layering digital information over video of the real world taken by the phone camera in real time. But in future, the apps could lay digital information directly over everything we see, using screens built into glasses or contact lenses.

Augmented reality app for Apple iPhone by Museum of London

An augmented reality app for the Apple iPhone from the Museum of London lays historic images over London landmarks
Photo: Museum of London

Smartphone apps already exist that do things such as lay historic photos over images of London landmarks, but Lynch said AR will eventually permeate our lives – putting the digital world at the heart of everyday interactions.

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