How Tech Is Changing the Museum Experience

Remember how boring it was to visit a museum as a child? And more, when everybody was over the sign you coudn’t even reach the explanations?  Lately museums have adapted their displays to attract children’s attention, but see now How Tech Is Changing the Museum Experience. writes about the new experiences implemented in 3 museums, it goes from mobile applications for guided tours, augmented reality (AR) on specific places or items, even outside the Museum walls, games to test your knowledge, and even using crowdsourcing to complete information about an artist.

The Smithsonian — Washington, DC

One of the leaders in the space of digital and mobile tech in museums is the Smithsonian. […]

The Smithsonian has an array of mobile apps and websites that allow museum visitors to interact as they go through an exhibit or to experience the exhibit remotely. Apps include Infinity of Nations for the National Museum of the American Indian, which provides an English and Spanish mobile tour, and includes slideshows and video in versions for both children and adults. Another is called Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers (produced using the Toura apps platform) that provides an overview and insights into select art pieces with hi-res images, video, audio and quotes directly from the artist. This app traveled with the exhibition to the Walker Art Center, and they were able to add more content to the app specific to their own installation of the show.

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