Great Creative World Forum 2011

The Creative World Forum took place in Hasselt, Belgium this year, with almost 2.500 participants!  Next year it will be in Rio, Brazil, and I am telling you this because it will be hold very conveniently in August, so if you didn’t plan you holidays yet… Brazil is a terrific place for that too :-))

It was wonderfull to be there and hear the presentations from Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia;  Peter Hinssen, author of ‘The New Normal’;  Scott Belsky, author of ‘Making ideas happen’;  Patty Maes, associate professor at MIT;  Garr Reynolds, author and expert in presentations;  and Bart Becks, crowdsourcing entrepreneur and  co-founder of  SonicAngel, among others.

Each of the speakers shared with us their experience creating their business, their advice on starting and on innovating, and everything was so clear, it seemed so easy to do, that I, as many others in de audience,  was left with the feeling that just by rolling up my sleeves and begining to execute, I could start a great business.

So let’s not drop the ball :-), I have some rough ideas to work with next month.

Drop a comment if you would like more info on those advices.

Also, I’m a ‘Do It Together’  person, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to team with me, even if it’s only to encourage each other on this path.

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