Visualising Big Data

With all the generated electronic data, there is a new way of studying sociology.  We can measure now what’s happening in real time on a particular event.  It means a lot of computation, the new techniques to navigate on extremely large data-sets have to be used, but there is also a challenge on how to present the results of all these analysis.  If you have a report of 150 pages full of numbers, it is not easily presented to the general public.

Fortunately, there are new ways of presenting results than traditional diagrams, tools that allow visualising complex statistics or concepts.  Look at the interactive graphic made by JESS3 on the article from The New York Times: Four Ways to Slice Obama’s 2013 Budget Proposal

Visualisation is becoming more and more important, to make people understand this level of data.  Proliferation of content makes it difficult to make sense of it, visualisation is putting it in a way that is digestible.  JESS3 transformed a 150 pages economic report  in a 6 minutes automation presentation.  It has been presented in a forum as a video, and presenters could see from the posture of the public that they were captivated, following this presentation.

Check an interview made to Leslie Bradshaw, co-founder of JESS3, by Google Developers Live series GDL Presents: Women Techmakers with JESS3


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