..Yet Another Data Protection Tool

Read this article Who Owns Your Facebook Data? from ITworld.  It explicits very clearly the terms of service from Facebook… and offers a tool from Reputation.com to help you control access to your data. See what they say:

In other words, you own it, but they can do whatever they want with it. Hence the “sponsored stories” Facebook just announced: Ads that use your profile picture, based on your Likes and Facebook Places check-ins, without asking you. (See “Facebook ads use your face for free.”)

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Even if Facebook doesn’t do anything with your content, other people might. Depending on your privacy settings, your updates and comments could easily appear on another site (like Openbook) or be downloaded and shared by anyone who has access to your Facebook feed.

Shouldn’t you be the one making the decisions about who uses your stuff? That’s what the good folks at Reputation.com (formerly Reputation Defender) believe. So they introduced uProtect.It, a free Javascript-based browser plug in that provides another layer of privacy over what you post on Facebook.

Have you installed it?  What do you think of the tool? Send me your comments!

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