Microtasks market grew almost 4 times in 2011

Check this article from David Bratvoldt, Enterprise Crowdsourcing blasts off as social media growth industry.

His research  forsees a growth of the crowdsourcing microtask sector of around 355%  this year.  I am interested in your opinion: Are you hearing about crowdsourcing  in the enterprises around you? Do you think it’s good or bad for our world, with the economic crisis in which we are immersed?

As buzzwords go, “crowdsourcing” may not be as big as ”social-media” or “mobile apps” but new research show it is one of the most rapidly-expanding trends in our field. Crowdsourcing represents an epic shift in the world of labor, automation, and information science, one with large economic and ethical implications.

[…] To answer these questions accurately, we took the last three months to perform a thorough analysis of enterprise-grade microtasking vendors and produced a market report.  We chose the ‘microtasking’ sector to start with because it’s one of the two sectors that enterprises can benefit from the most. Here’s what we found: There are currently six enterprise-grade microtasking providers: Clickworker, CrowdFlowerCrowdSource, Microtask, Microworkers, & Serv.io
(aka CloudCrowd).
[…] The market demand for crowd-sourced work quintupled in 2010 & almost quadrupled in 2011:

Despite being around for six years, the microtasking field was in the testing phase for the first three years.  Several platforms were revamped, relaunched, or finally “released” in 2009.  Client adoption was also slow until 2009 when the first surge in market demand occurred.  Last year, the number of completed microtasks increased 496% over 2009.  The number of tasks completed in 2011 is estimated to increase 355%

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