Well Done, Watson!

Yesterday, Watson performed fantastically until last question at the Jeopardy TV show. Here’s that last one:

Question (in category “U.S. Cities”): “Its largest airport is named for a world war II hero; its second largest for a world war II battle.”
Watson’s Answer: “Toronto?????”
The correct answer is Chicago, and it was one of Watson’s possible answers…but what do you think about the question’s grammar????? (this question deserves the same
level of question marks as in Watson’s answer, don’t you think?)

Out of 30 answers, Watson was first to buzz in on 25 of them, all but the last one right. Knowing the level of difficulty in the construction of the questions, I think it is an accomplishment.

Let’s quote IBM:

“Watson has the potential to transform industries.”
“Watson can extract knowledge from data faster than humans.”
… and we can see their excitement with this last one!

“Watson can make us smarter.”

Let’s see the final round (the first out of 3) tonight…

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