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Here comes the new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) programs based on machine learning.  DLP programs are tools to identify sensitive information so that you can through specific policies control where data should and shouldn’t go.

A New Way to Find and Protect Data: Vector Machine Learning

A new category of DLP detection technology has emerged that overcomes the limitations of current detection technologies and enables organizations to use software that learns to detect the types of confidential data that require protection. Vector Machine Learning is trained using sample documents to recognize the defining characteristics and identify the subtle differences between sensitive and non-sensitive data. Accuracy of Vector Machine Learning can be improved over time as additional positive and negative samples are fed back into the system.

While machine learning as a concept has been around for decades and has been used in everything from anti-spam engines to Google™ algorithms for translating text, it is only now being applied to DLP content analysis. As a DLP detection technology, Vector Machine Learning helps to quickly and efficiently protect IP and confidential information among increasing amounts of unstructured data.

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