In UK, Home Office is deciding this 17th Dec. on data interception problem

Here’s an interesting bit from this article:  Home Office changes mind on data interception consultation

The deadline for the consultation has now been extended to December 17th, and the meeting with civil rights groups will take place this week.The Home Office is considering giving the Interception Commissioner, who deals with cases where companies have hoovered up the likes of surfing data without permission, the ability to fine much like the Information Commissioner.

However, while the ICO can levy penalties of up to £500,000, the government is talking about a limit of £10,000 for the Interception Commissioner. Jim Killock, head of ORG, calls that figure a “joke” and mere “pocket money” to big ISPs, and he’s quite right there.

Would you say this will be a good or bad thing?  How much could they get for selling the info? Will those small penalties stop them?

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