We live a News Media Revolution

Last friday we had a very interesting networking lunch at PWI with Roz Morris, Managing Director of TV News London Ltd.

She talked to us about the changes in the news media landscape, with Twitter, Facebook, Tencent and thousand of  blogs and sites where people are posting their latest news.  She presented some hard facts and funny anecdotes, but what stroke me the most was her comparison of our era with the one of the invention of the printing press.

Gutenberg made a big impact by giving people access to documents as the Bible for their own reading.   Since then, (almost) everybody learned to read and write.  For some years now, it is also popular to have a camera and be able to create images and videos. And then, Internet came and connected us all. And now, anyone can publish it…

This has a huge impact; it triggers a boom of instant information, immediately accessible to everybody.  It’s this phenomenon, as far reaching as the Gutenberg invention, that Roz calls ‘the News Revolution’.

But while people learned to publish, they still have to learn to edit before publishing…She could but urge us to be careful when expressing ourselves to any media.

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