TEDxBrussels, la suite…

Julie Meyer, founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital,  was also very interesting calling the economy in our 21st. century the ‘Individualist Capitalism’.  Her very clever message to all entrepreneurs was: Look at your ‘Natural Allies’, ask yourself who has interest in your success.  They are going to be there and help you to be successful!

On privacy and the lack of forgetfulness of Internet, Miko Hypponen, let me thinking with his question: ‘Do you trust your future governments with what you said today?’

Alain De Taeye, co-founder of Tele Atlas, did a very realistic presentation.  He talked about TomTom, and the fact that they are predicting their user’s immediate future, by letting them know what’s ahead of them: traffic jam, accidents, so that the driver can decide to take another route and avoid that near future.   Who can say positively that being informed of our possibilities in the path in front of us is not, as he said, predicting our future?  It is like when you learn a magician trick: it’s no longer magic.  Will we have the same feeling when we will be able to know our future?  Will it seem so obvious to us?

That’s all for today, folks!

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